Notice and Take Down Policy

Material made available on this site is done so in good faith and in line with the fair use policy. However if you believe any information infringes on copyright, please contact us via email ( stating the following:

  1. Your contact details
  2. The full details of the material (article title, author and year of publication)
  3. The link to the information on the ORRCA site
  4. Details of the copyright infringement
  5. Proof that you are the rights holder

We will acknowledge receipt of your email and assess the copyright concerns. Where there is a valid concern we will work to address this with the rights holder to identify an acceptable solution that would allow the information to remain on the ORRCA website. Where this is not possible content will be removed.

If any publishing details, including digital links, are incorrect please contact us at and we will seek to correct the information as soon as possible.

If you disagree with any search filter classifications for an article, please contact us at and we will review the information.